Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wine Glass Charms

So whats the deal with these?

People seem to be going mad over them, dont get me wrong its good for business but whats the point? Little things that go over your glass stem. Well these were my thoughts until I really spent some time thinking about it. I was at a wedding recently and you know it I put my glass down by the time I had returned there were another 3 identical glasses sitting there. I know most people there were family but still, I really wasnt happy with drinking from someone elses glass. So wine glass charms would have come in very handy, especially if everyone had a different type or colour.

So I came home and started thinking of some ideas, we now have quite a few different styles in stock. Angels, moons, stars and hearts, plus many more being added soon. At the moment they range from £6 - £7 but we will be adding more expencive range with swarovski crystals. These would definatly be perfect for weddings, christenings, well any special occasion really.

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